Artist Bio

Derek Scheyer (Neuromind)

- Digital Artist and Rockhound -

Hey! I'm Neuromind and I've been making digital paintings since 2010 utilizing programs such as Photoshop, Fractal and AI tools. Recently, I've started getting into 3D programs such as Blender to incorporate motion graphics in my designs. I'm also an aspiring game developer and hope to start making my own small games as well as game assets for other developers.

Growing up I was always drawn towards art, games and computer technology; I knew these aspects would be included along my career path. It's fascinating to see how all three have come together, and I'm excited to contribute and be a part of this new era of technology.

In addition to art, one of my biggest passions is stones and minerals. I own a self-discovered Geode claim in Oregon, USA. Other interests I have include drum and bass, modular synthesis, exploring outdoors, cats and playing video games with my wife such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and various Moba's.